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"People with disabilities are people just like you. They feel, breathe, and live the same way. Having a family member with a disability has increased my awareness and opened my heart to the challenges of those with disabilities."
- Katrina Head


SAIL provides work-related training, assistance, and consultation for two distinct groups: employees and employers.

Services for employees:

  • Setting realistic job goals and expectations
  • Explaining worker rights and responsibilities
  • Assisting with job searches
  • Improving work skills
  • Peer mentoring
  • Supporting and advocating for job retention
  • Helping identify and request reasonable accommodations

Services for employers:

  • Explaining employer rights and responsibilities
  • Educating and consulting on ADA issues
  • Assessing job sites for accessibility
  • Providing sensitivity and disability awareness training
  • Suggesting best practices for interviewing
  • Developing a reasonable accommodation process

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