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"SAIL has given me the opportunity to change minds, open doors, and understand that disability isn't a choice, but overcoming disability is. People with disabilities want to provide, succeed, grow, and share—just like those without disabilities."
- Terry James


SAIL seeks transportation solutions to benefit individuals with disabilities and the wider community.

Our services:

  • Sharing information on rights and responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Supporting individuals, businesses, and organizations in finding and implementing reasonable accommodations
  • Providing details on transportation options in Upper Peninsula counties
  • Developing and facilitating community work groups to create transportation solutions

Current community projects include:

  • Working with Marquette Transit Authority (Marq-Tran) to assist in addressing homeless issues and providing transit to shelters and other resources for continuum of care.
  • Teaming with Michigan Department of Transportation to make sure improvement projects include accessible curb cuts and eliminate barriers from sidewalks.
  • Partnering with Local Advisory Committees (LAC) to provide a voice for accessible transportation needs in their communities.

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